Why Wearing Shapewear Is Cool And Makes Any Outfit Look Great

Why Wearing Shapewear Is Cool And Makes Any Outfit Look Great

Shapewear is booming and even Hollywood celebrities are now wearing these outfits to help them achieve their perfect figure on red carpet events. In fact, some A-Listers are so eager to look slim and svelte in front of the camera that they sometimes wear some support underwear like a waist trainer for weight loss. So why is control lingerie suddenly becoming so fashionable and how can you make support clothing work for you?

The History of Shapewear

Control girdles and corsets have been around for hundreds of years. In Edwardian times, fashionable ladies wore tight fitting corsets to give them a waspish waist. The fact that they could hardly breathe as a result because their insides were so compressed was neither here nor there. Even as recently as a few years ago, control garments were not especially flattering or effective. Fat was simply squeezed into a different area, so you may have had a flat tummy, but where the garment ended, it was a very different story.

Why Control Garments Work

Plus size waist and thigh trainer can help give you a slimmer silhouette. Light support underwear will simply smooth your problem areas down a bit and give you a slimmer silhouette whereas ultra slimming shapewear is designed to hold you in like a vice. Of course there is a limit to how effective control lingerie is. You have to be realistic-no control garment on earth is capable of turning a size 24 curvy woman into a size 0 waif-like creature.

The Right Fit

Fit is very important when choosing control garments. If control-wear is too tight it will feel extremely restrictive and uncomfortable. You may look hot in the mirror, but if you then go out for dinner and attempt to eat a huge bowl of linguine and bolognese sauce, you are likely to run into massive problems. Always try on garments before you buy. Brands vary enormously in how they fit, so you may find that one garment fits like a glove whereas another leaves you looking like a sausage stuffed tightly into its skin.

When to Wear Shapewear

Control lingerie and support garments are perfect for when you are having a fat day, but you still need to look your best. It is quite normal for a woman’s weight to fluctuate up and down over the course of a month: some days your stomach will feel as flat as a board, whereas on other days you look at least six months pregnant. Control underwear can target different areas. Some garments are designed to flatten the tummy area whereas others firm up and lift the buttocks. Choose the Shapewear at Shapellx.com that best suits your needs and you can slip on that little black dress with no qualms whatsoever.

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