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The most excellent feeling in the world is to make out that you have taken a step in the right direction, a step towards an improved future. Learning from the past will shape an improved and better future. With this idea in the mind, automotive experts wish to see several changes in the automobile world. Although the modifications are still going on, but the expectations of the car enthusiasts are somewhat different from the common people.

They do not just want a car, but they want to make a fantastic car which will be in itself a prodigy. The idea of making this portent seems like impossible, but it is not. Automotive gurus dream on to make an automobile replete with all kinds of technologies so that everyone considers it to be the miraculous creation of the human being. Every brand is working in this respect and has even shared what they actually planning to include in their future vehicles that will exist in 2020.

Cellular and USB Updates

The biggest aim of the engineers is to make a car connected completely through the Internet, but mere computer and mobile synchronization are not something that they are aiming for. They wish to bring the address book on your car display which is present on our mobile phone.

There will be more infotainment systems which include in-car arrangements with a quick update option whenever any new software is available, and it could be accessible by making proper synchronization with all latest smart phones. There will be proper telematics systems like GM’s OnStar providing ease of accessing mobile phone data and cell radios.

Uncomplicated Cruising

Supple cruise control makes use of radar that assists you in keeping a proper distance from the car. It doesn’t matter that you are driving on the highway or inside the city; this radar will make a driver to apply constant brakes and reset his cruising speed. This technology is present on the few costly models, but by 2020, it will become virtually ubiquitous and standard among all top-of-the-line vehicles. This will surely prevent collisions and evolve to work at low speeds.

Laser might also be expected for guided stop-and-go cruise control. The prices of the vehicles that will be equipped with this technology will cost reasonable and suit pocket of every individual. It is a kind of technique which is billed as a security characteristic that will avoid tailgating or stop a vehicle without human involvement.

360 Degree Cameras

Cameras have become essential technology evils and these are expected to become standard equipment. Although the cost will be high, but it is expected to get improve by 2020. You will be updated with what is coming towards you from both front and back. These 360 degree eyes will make you free from getting your shoulders out and see if your car is going in the right direction while parking or not.

Night Vision and Pedestrian Recognition: Think of a vehicle with such a system that automatically stops the vehicle whenever some pedestrian comes into the way. This night-vision system will detect the person on your way through the infrared light or amplify which has come to your way unintentionally and your vehicle’s headlights are not able to detect it.

The brand owners expect a lane-departure warning, pedestrian detection and collision warning with complete automatic braking. There will be a gray-scale, heat-based image will be available on the display. The future cars will be all equipped with this security system making it easy for you to prevent hitting someone. Some brands are also working on a colored night-vision system through a research on how nocturnal dung beetles are able to see things in low-light conditions.

Car to x-Cars Communication

How good it will be if all the cars on the road get connected to each other as well as the road infrastructure. This technology has been named as “car-to-X communication”. In this organization, vehicles will be able to commune with stop lights, warn other vehicles of accidents and permit vehicles to report traffic to the grid. It is expected that this will not only prove safe but also save time, fuel and lives.

Thinking of an idea, where cars will talk to each other, not for saying “Hello” but for warning or informing each other seems like imaginary thought. This technology will take time to get installed in all car models as it is quite tricky and cost much higher than the other technologies. But soon it will be on all the vehicles.

Charging Through the Air

Easy battery charging will be another feature that will be found in the about to happen proliferation of plug-in vehicles. You must be thinking that what is so exciting about the battery charging? The answer to this question is the convenient and cool way of charging, i.e. an inductive charging. This concept is already being used on a small scale in order to handle apple gadgets. It is expected to be introduced in all vehicles with charging facility of kinds of mobile and other devices.

Use of Advanced Materials

Automotive technology is moving towards weight to the weight-less concept. Here, materials are used which are quite light and durable. Even the brands are planning to downsize the engine. Size of the vehicles is shrinking which will work only if there is a material that can support such vehicles.

Magnesium, Aluminum and Carbon fiber are used for making the body and chassis. Moreover, these weight saving materials will facilitate designers to make better use of space in the cabin and other places in a vehicle. These materials will facilitate thin seat shells which will reduce a lot of weight that will be the added benefit as it will increase the effective interior volume. Thinner and lighter composites reduce the mass of interior parts and this weight saving are quite important for the battery operated automobiles.

Fuel-Sipper Technology

Automakers aiming to saving fuel because of increasing prices of fuel and decreasing production resources. They wish to make complete electrification of the cars which is although a good idea, but comparatively difficult to achieve. There are so many functions in the automobiles that are electric like recharging the battery on applying brakes and start/stop feature in the vehicles is already contributing in making the vehicles electric.

By 2020, almost all functions will be made electronic saving lots of gas & petroleum which are required for running these vehicles. Moreover, some intelligent people have also come up with the idea of automatic engine turn-off during heavy traffic and restart it when the foot is taken off the brake. These hi-tech automotive ideas would extremely help to reduce the consumption of petroleum and make the world eco-friendly.

Increased Airbags Protection

If you are wondering that although the cars have been equipped with air bags at all possible places, then where it is left to be placed. Companies aim to cram airbags on the seat belt. The concept is about inflating the belt, spreading the pressure felt during the collision over a large area and keeping you at the right place during any misfortune.

Application Central

Although the concept of Wi-Fi in vehicles was started by General Motors for which one has to pay a monthly subscription, but the automobile experts aim at making it common for all vehicles. Now, one can surf the web while driving. In order to prevent any kind of distraction in driving, the apps available on the vehicles will rely on voice commands.

All these features along with many going to be there in every automobile by 2020, but the prices will also be genuine so that every person can easily afford them. Such technologically advanced vehicles will not only provide ease to the drivers but also prove beneficial to our environment as these will be entirely based on the eco-friendly concept.

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